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What we are dealing with?

The PowaPro Ltd. deals with 2 divisions.

IT-Solutions Division
We offer IT services, software development, network and firewall installations, and database web sites with user-friendly selfmanagement.

Poolclearing Division
In this field we deals with analysis, evaluation, pool clearing, data mining, data monitoring and reporting of ticket data, in all sectors such as ski-regions, recreation, masse, car-parking, etc.

What we can do for you?

We advise you competently to all questions about pool clearing, analysis, dataquality and reporting.

We work with you together to develop tailor-made program solutions which achieve all your requirements.

With our know how and 35 years of experience with many ski resorts in central europe and their ticket systems, we can offer sophisticated program-solutions.

We carry data from all different ticket systems such as Skidata, Teamaxess, Medatec etc. and evaluate them.

We provide you with an online pool clearing services, where you can get your daily/weekly/monthly reporting, through a secure connection.

What we rely on?

We rely on advanced software technologies such as Microsoft.Net (Dot.Net development), Microsoft SQL Server 20xx (databases) and develop object-oriented oo component-oriented coa, service-oriented soa, and multilayered. So we achieve quality, stability and performance.


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